Nurse Me - Discreet Breastfeeding in MyBabyWrap

1. Begin with the Basic Wrapping Instructions.

2. Slide my body through both layers of fabric so that I am lying on the "x".

3. Reach beneath me to find the label section.

4. Pull it up and over me.

5. Lower me to a comfortable position to latch well.

6. Now you have a hand free for my siblings too! You may want to practice this in privacy till we get it down to a fine art!

If you attend to my pre-cry signals, you'll have time to position me in the breastfeeding hold. Should I be fussing or crying already, simply lift me out and latch me without needing to take the Wrap off. Put me in again once I'm well fed. The motion of your walking will help with winding me. Should I reflux or "oopsie" a lot, simply keep a soft face cloth between us to absorb the overflow.