Twins Cradle Me

1. First follow the basic wrapping instructions.

2. Fold the fabric on each shoulder in half, with the opening towards you, creating a pouch-like pocket on either side.

3. Carefully place the bigger of us two babies in the pocket that is closest to your body. Head, shoulders and bottom tucked away, and feet in the opposite pocket.

4. Spread the fabric out over me, and make sure the inner side of the pocket is pulled right up so I can't slip and slide.

5. Place my little sibling into the other pocket in the same way, with their feet tucked on my lap, and my feet below.

6. Spread the fabric out over them, as well as ensuring that the inner piece of their pocket is up high too.

7. Now you can reach down beneath us and locate the label section. Pull it up high over us as our support.

We just love this! Close to each other and close to You!