Why wrap and wear me?

Comfortable for mommy and for me

My Baby Wrap spreads my weight evenly over both shoulders and supports your lower back. We can enjoy this Wrap in various positions from when my head control is strong at 3-4 weeks till I weigh 15kg (3-4 years old!)

It keeps us close

My favourite place is in your arms, where I can hear your heartbeat and your voice. I am soothed by the familiar motion of your body, helping me feel secure. We become well acquainted and bonding can blossom!

Hands-free mommy

With me safely wrapped and content, your hands are free to do as you please!

Soothing for me

Being wrapped close to your heart will soothe me when I am distressed. You can keep me close for as long as we like without your back getting tired or your arms getting sore.


You can wear me in lots of styles as I grow older - on your front or on your back or hip.

Machine Washable

You can wash MyBabyWrap in a machine in cold water and tumble dry it on low heat. (wrap may shrink slightly but will stretch out again when used.)