Used for Hug Me,Cradle Me, Joey Me, Twins and may also be used in Kangaroo Mother Care. For smaller babies, tie it fairly tight, and a little looser for toddlers.

1. Begin with the label at your belly button.

2. Cross the fabric over behind your back.

3. Bring it up over each shoulder to the front.

4. Place both the lengths of fabric through the inside of the label section. Pull tighter.

5. Cross them over to make an "x" on your chest.

6. Wrap the ends around to the back, tie a double know here, or around again in the front. Now you are ready to carry me!

Give me time: Some babies take time to adjust. As soon as you have them wrapped, start walking to soothe them. You may need to try a few times, preferably when they are half asleep and well fed.

Note: You can put the Wrap on, and keep it on, putting me in and lifting me out all day as you please!

To take me out: Simply lower the label section a little and hold me under the shoulders to lift me up and out. When you are ready, place me back inside where I love to be